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Commitment to environmental responsibility

Economy and ecology

Wherever possible we link ecology and economy. We intensely focus on our fleet and always invest in the latest environmental technologies. New trucks are ordered according to state-of-the-art standards especially under the aspect of ambience. Vehicles in use are regularly refitted, the drivers are trained to drive economically and itineraries are planned to be efficient.

By the time the company expanded and needed more space a brook was recultivated and 40.000 trees and bushes were planted as compensatory measure.

We live environmental responsibility: We separate waste, have invented a source saving printing concept for the administration department and have installed all necessary equipment for the biological treatment of the waste water from our truck washing station.

One of our warehouse roofs is let and a solar power plant saving approx. 600 t of CO2 p.a. has been installed.
Our investments in ecologically convenient measures mostly have an economic aspect, too: It pays off to invest in the protection of resources.

Since 2010 we are participating in the "Íkoprofit" project. In the framework of the local "Agenda 21" the City and the Region of Hanover support companies to improve their operational environmental management systems.

Ebeling has been awarded the "Íkoprofit" 2010/2011 prize for the site in Wedemark-Gailhof.
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