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Special permissions

Ebeling renders possible whatever required

Special operations require special permissions and Ebeling has been granted a considerable number. Thus the customers benefit from the special know-how of the Ebeling personnel who meets all requirements. Thanks to the technical reliability of warehouses and fleet there are no problems at all for Ebeling to being granted special permissions.

Even on Sundays and public holidays Ebeling may supply customers. This is of great importance for perishable goods and due-date deliveries.

The installation of night delivery zones at customer’s sites ensures for a safe and reliable supply, which during day time would be more diffcult because of more traffic and people in pedestrian areas.

Explosives and hazardous substances are safe with Ebeling. No matter whether in the warehouse or on the truck – the safety standards fully correspond with the standards as defined by law.

Being granted the status "regulated agent" Ebeling accepts responsibility for the safety of air freight transports. Thus the winding-up of air freight transports is facilitated considerably.
Disposing of the relevant waste transport permission for domestic waste and even industrial waste Ebeling may engage in manifold activities in the field of waste removal such as sorting and intermediate storage. Of course Ebeling always has the focus on environmental protection.

Storage and transport of pharmaceuticals for a wholesaler require particular diligence. Ebeling is licensed to engage in this field of the health sector.

Large volume transports e.g. aero engines are an extraordinary logistical challenge. Ebeling has been granted a permission for the transport of abnormal wide loads max. 3.5 m wide. Permissions are available for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, the UK and Scandinavia. Further can be obtained at short notice.

For strategically important routes Ebeling disposes of permissions for transports on week-ends.

Offering temporary staff services is strictly regulated by law in order to avoid misuse. Ebeling complies with all legal requirements and was granted the authorisation for temporary staff services. Therefore, customers may benefit from the highly qualified Ebeling personnel on their site.

Storage of water polluting substances hazardous classification WGK 1 to 3, e.g. oil, cleaning agents and batteries on 8,400 sq.m or 17,000 pallet storage places.
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