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Special Solutions

Well-prepared for any request

Special deliveries are no problem for Ebeling. No matter whether an airline or an aviation company needs aero engines to be transported to any European airport just in time, or fire-work-rockets and bangers are to be stored for New Year’s fireworks in a large town and later need to be delivered punctually and safely within only a few days: With the Ebeling fleet and experience the customers hedge their bets.

Since 1998 Ebeling engages in the field of waste removal and intermediate storage of recycled material. The fleet and the warehouse meet the high safety standards required by legislation for the handling of dangerous goods. Thus, Ebeling can store and transport almost any type of product.

Best practise
  1. Professional waste removal
  2. Storage of explosives

  Special permissions

In the course of the company’s history many things have been conceived, planned and realised. Customers have presented a variety of requests. At first glance many seemed to be unthinkable. However, finally Ebeling was always able to present a solution.

In the meantime Ebeling may benefit from a vast potential of experience, of realised solutions and special permissions so that today almost everything is possible.

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