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Logistic Solutions

Logistic service - personalised and made-to-order

No matter what sort of freight is to be transported from A to B, the overall solutions Ebeling offers guarantee that any destination will be reached reliably. Intelligent software solutions for transport and storage minimise the costs, and thanks to the FleetBoard technology customers always know where to find their goods. Whether medium-sized companies or large scale commercial chains, Ebeling offers exactly the service suiting the customer’s needs. Whether it is the collection of goods or the delivery - even commissioning is carried out just-in-time.
Best practise
  1. 150,000 aero engine parts just-in-time
  2. 1,000 deliveries every 24 hours

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Dispatch improvement is another field of Ebeling's engagement. Thanks to efficient coordination the supply-chain-management leads to cost reduction and stands out for its high stability. The large and manifold storage capacities make Ebeling the perfect partner for warehousing services.
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